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Orosháza farm

On the Orosháza farm we still have 11 old but completely renovated buildings where the fattening takes place, while we use the 3 new, modern buildings for the gilt’s rearing and 6 new buildings as weaner houses.
On the Orosháza farm, there are 6 newly built, modern and technologically advanced buildings, each of them with 2200 places for weaned piglets.
The selected piglets from Gádoros- when their weight reach 6-7kg- are transported with our own trucks to the Orosháza farm
The Orosháza farm has 13 200 places for weaned piglets, all of them with full slated plastic floor with shelter for piglets. The piglets are being fed until they reach around 25-30 kg, then we sell them.
We use dry feeding system, the optimum temperature is guaranteed by underfloor heating under the shelter’s roof.
The farm owns 2 straw boilers and provides optimal temperature for the piglets.