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2019. june 02 be continued with Danish Genetics

FirtsFarms Hungary Kft. has signed an agreement with DTL A / S, contracted partner of Danish Pig Genetics about agency cooperation of pig breds. FirstFarms Hungary Kft's outstanding production results have lifted the company to the top 5% of Danish pig farmers. Many would say that this result is difficult to increase, but we make an effort every day. In contract with DTL A/S as Danish Genetics Partner , the company became exclusive sales partner in Hungary and we believe that the results will be visible after the first insemination.

Danish Genetics has bred pigs with high production capacity, where the sows give birth to many live piglets, which have a high growth rate combined with a low feed consumption and a good meat percentage.

According to the cooperation with DTL A/S, only our company assigned to represent Danish Genetics breeding animals in Hungary.