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Hungarian bechmarking in the TOP30 program

2019. september 20
Hungarian bechmarking in the TOP30 program

The EU contest was part of the Horizon 2020 LIAISON project which is a truly multi-actor project that is bringing together a diverse community of researchers, actors from innovation projects, initiatives and networks, decision-makers and administrators in a highly interactive work programme to jointly investigate the design and implementation of interactive innovation projects.

The contest’s aim to find innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking initiatives from within farming, forestry and the agri-food supply chain. There were 229 applications from many countries on the continent, and the FirstFarms Hungary Kft’s project was selected into the TOP30.

FirstFarms Hungary Kft. participated with the concept and practical experience of knowledge exchange based development, known as bechmarking program. Although this time it did not qualify for the top 15, the company considers it extremely good that its bechmarking program built in Hungary and operating in the hungarian pig sector, has achieved the interest of international professional colleagues who selected the project into the TOP30.