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Gádoros farm

The FirstFarms Hungary Kft.'s central office is located next to an access road between two villages, Gádoros and Nagyszénás, surrounded by a forest, in the former Werner Castle building.
This is the breeding center of the company with 2500 sows. Here takes place the inseminator’s department, the sows spend their pregnancy and the farrowing happens. The final product of the farm is the pigs between 6 and 7 kg weight.
In the farrowing buildings, we operate with floor heated corner shelter for piglets, while in the corridor the optimal temperature is provided by ventillation of preheated or chilled air.
The heating energy is provided in the winter by biomass boiler, while in the summer season, the temperature of the sow’s hall is regulated by air conditioner operated by cooling pads.
In a separate building we have our own feed mill to ensure mixing feed in accordance with the needs of pigs produced by the company.
Due to the modern technology, the choice of genetics and increasingly motivated, well-trained workforce, FFH produces over the domestic average efficiency, which is in line with Denmark's top 25 % producers. Our production indicators are improving year by year thanks to the regular internal work program, individual motivational plans and a new start-up of domestic producer exchange program.