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One of the main activities of Dan-Farm Consulting Kft. is the sale of Danish pig breeding knowledge on the domestic market. Its aim is to assist in the development of innovative, modern technology pig breeding in Hungary. The company's profile is consulting, sales and education.

Our ambition with our educational activity is to resuscitate the supply of pig farming labor supply. We give practical knowledge measured in production efficiency, for those who work in the pig farming sector.

With the marketing of Danish Genetics and the related feed technology and holding technology, we aim to promote modern pig breeding. The use of the excellent genetic base and related technologies that have been tried and tested in Hungary produce outstanding production results.

Our consultants will contact you on request and according to your personal / company needs and together with you they will develop a production strategy that can increase your efficiency.

 Dan- Farm Consulting Kft.-   Production of fattening pigs with Danish efficiency!